Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Family Vision

Happy New Year!

A few weeks ago, after a comment left about our family vision hanging in our bathroom, I said that I would post about visions soon. So, in thinking about visions this morning, I searched my own blog to see if I had ever said anything about the subject. I guess I'm even more forgetful than I thought! *shaking my head* I have mentioned visions several times during the last year! I also showed my family vision on display in our entry way in Valentine Decor. It is usually displayed two places in our home -- close to the front of our house and in the bathroom guests use. (When the kids were home, it was their bathroom.) In Putting It All In Order, I talked about my personal vision. On New Year's Day last year in Directing Our Days, I challenged you to write your own personal vision and gave you a few pointers on how to do so.

So, that leaves me with little to say on the subject now! So, I thought I'd just share with you our family vision. If you don't have one, I encourage you to sit down with your husband and give yourselves the gift of some direction in this life you are living and this family you are nurturing. Remember, a vision is not the same as your list of goals. That list is how you will fulfill your vision -- the blueprint of your life.

I do want to put out a warning. Vision needs to come from the top -- the head of the family. It will not work if you put one together and then expect your husband to follow it. If he doesn't "catch the vision" of the importance of having a written-out vision, don't push it. Pray, write your own, and let God work on him. I'm sure you've figured out by now that it always works better if God works on him than if you do!

Apparently, our vision was typed out on my husband's long-gone office computer, so I am having to re-type it. In doing so, I see some revisions I would like to see made. So, that might be a subject in tomorrow's yearly meeting of the minds! But, for now, here's our vision:

Let it be known to the Abdelaziz home
and all those who enter herein:

This is a Christ-centered home --
A place where everything revolves around the love of God.

We see:
God as the Head of this house, because it is God's house.

We see:
The Word of God being read openly everyday in this house.

We see:
This to be a place where people can be saved and healed.

We see:
This home striving to be a place of holiness and forgiveness;
and, therefore, will be a place of divine happiness.

We see:
This to be a home where hatefulness will not be excused
and vulgarity will not be tolerated.

We see:
The Abdelaziz family being blessed and prospering
and the miraculous being common place.

We see:
The Abdelaziz family standing out in a crowd
and the love of God being seen in them.

We see:
The Abdelaziz family attempting great things for God
and expecting great things from God.

We see:
Biblical fulfillment in this home
where the blessings of God are in abundance.


  1. Thank you for sharing your family vision. Your home truly is filled with light.

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing!


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