Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine Decor

I haven't had one day where I just set out to deck my home in Valentine's Day glamour. Instead, I have found myself adding little bits and pieces as inspiration hits.

Here is what greets you as you enter my home where our family vision is on display:

I printed out the letters on the computer through the generosity of Jenny over at Allsorts. (Think of all the wonderful and fun things you could do with these letters!)
We were given flowers in a beautiful red glass vase at church on Sunday along with a lovely card about how happy and comfortable our home is. Such a sweet surprise. Thank you, Revival Center! (The tablecloth I found at Kohl's this year at 60% off!)
Okay, so a couple of days ago, I set out candles on our family room's coffee table. Last night, I added Scrabble letters to make what I thought was a pretty, yet whimsical coffee table display.

Until I saw it from this angle through the camera lens!
So, I changed it a bit!

Go ahead. Spread the love! Have some fun and add a little red around your home!


  1. Very pretty! I like the candles with the scrabble letters, so creative:)

  2. Looks Lovely!
    I have had fun decorating our little, little home this year. Thanks for sharing your pics and creative ideas.

  3. I saw the smiley in the first picture and chuckled, and then I read your discovery. Cute decorations. I hope to get a little more festive this year for all of the holidays.

  4. Happy Valentines Day. I like the smiley face ;-)

  5. I recognize the brown plate!


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