Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Few Minutes to Share

It is 8:30 p.m. and I've just put my pajamas on and am sitting on the couch with my laptop. Something that hasn't happened in quite some time.

It has been a whirlwind of activity around here. December seemed to whiz by. I had thoughts that I would chronicle each day of the season, but with all the hustle and bustle, finding a quiet time was near impossible. And if there was a moment to be had, there was no energy found in my vicinity. So, I just might be posting a Christmas post here and there during January! Who knows?

We had our annual Christmas party with this year's theme being "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas". I had fun decorating the house in white. It seemed a bit funny to not take down every single one of my Christmas boxes and explode them around the house. It was all serene and lovely. However, my husband said it didn't seem quite as festive. I don't think we had enough lights up for him! So, after the party, I did tweak it a bit and put out a few different things.

I've visited a few stores in the last few days when venturing out to do other errands and have come up with next year's theme. (I'm really enjoying having themed Christmases!) It was inspired by a little gift in my stocking. But, I can't tell you because it's a secret until the invitations come out next year!

On Sunday, December 21, the clan from Colorado arrived! On Tuesday, the Gombojavs arrived! For a week it seemed like chaos reigned around here. I don't have a tiny house, but sleeping 19 people still makes it a bit crowded! We ate and talked and ate and talked. We caravanned around to see the lights, went to eat at Abishai's favorite restaurant, went to see the elephant seals in Cambria at Jael's request, and went to church to worship one more time as a family. Josh preached this last Sunday. I cannot even describe to you the wonder of that.

On Christmas Eve, we opened our gift exchange. This year the theme was PAJAMAS! After opening all of our presents, we dispersed to various corners of the house to don our new Christmas pj's! We then came back and took pictures! It took awhile to take individual pictures of 25 people and then every group configuration we could think of! Fun and funny!

From the oldest...

...to the youngest.

As I said, if I would have had the time and energy, it would have been fun to journal at the end of each day last week. I'm so afraid I'm going to forget something wonderful or cute that happened. And I want to remember every detail of those blessed and glorious eight days!

It's quite quiet around here now. My family room does not have toys and sleeping bags covering it. But, it also isn't giving me hugs and love. Of course I cried when everyone left. Ezekiel (age 3) crawled into my lap before they left and said with a very sad face, "I don't want to leave."

Me: "You don't?"

ZQ: "No. But, my Daddy said he would bring me back again."

Me: "Oh, I'm so glad."

ZQ: "But, I don't want to sleep on the couch." (which had been his bed all week)

Me: "Why? Where did you want to sleep?" (thinking the couch was uncomfortable or the living room too noisy)

ZQ: "With you."

Nana-hood is the best. The very, very best.


  1. I bet your eyes welled up when ZQ said that!!!! Mine would have!!

  2. Awww...what a sweet story! That's o.k. about not seeing your award until now...but I still think you deserve it! :-)


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