Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Ball Gowns

Apparently, the world has been waiting for a peek at Michelle Obama's Inaugural Ballgown. I'm not sure about what anyone else thought, but I think there might have been just a tad of disappointment after its debut. No one was ooh-ing and ah-ing. Oh, well.

It did, however, spark my interest to check out a few other other gowns from the past. Here are Eleanor Roosevelt and LadyBird Johnson posing in their finery. I wonder if Michelle did the same.

To test your First Lady Ballgown knowledge, take this little fun quiz. I only got 4 out of 8, though if I would have gone with my first instincts, I would have done much better! Let me know how well you do!


  1. 6/8!!! Can't believe I did better than you!

  2. Wow, I got 5 out of 8 and I'm Canadian! One I did a second guess - I know I shouldn't do that and just go with my first instinct. That was fun! I normally don't give a hoot about fashions either, lol!

  3. I gave you a blog award!

  4. I thought the balls were hilarious! It looked like a high school prom with old people trying to look hip. The dancing was quite entertaining as well!

    I wonder how many got their gowns at Windsor

  5. Although Lady Obama's dress had nice elements, the overall wow factor was missing I felt.
    PS. I scored a 6 out of 8. It help when your daughter is majoring in fashion design. :)


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