Sunday, January 11, 2009

An Ode to Saraa Ann Misheel

An Ode to Saraa Ann Misheel

January 6, 2009

Today is Epiphany, the Festival of Lights;
Today you were born and made my family right.

Sorry, I was not present, to see you come into the world;
But let it be known, that you are Papa's little girl.
We have waited for you a long, long while;
You are the essence of beauty, the one who makes everyone smile.

You are a gift from heaven and the Father above;
You are filled with godliness, grace, and His precious love.
You play a major part in the Abdelaziz clan;
No wonder they named you Saraa Ann.

I hear you are lovely and born with such charm;
I can't wait to kiss your little face and hold you in my arms.
I can envision your laugh and your cute little giggle;
I can't wait to hear your coo and see your little wiggle.

Princesses, there have always been three;
Now there is another who holds the key.
The princesses three there will be no more;
My newest little princess makes it four.

May God cuddle you close to His loving chest,
Especially as you lay warm on your mother's breast.
I know there is a call on our little girl;
I have no doubt that you will impact your world.

So, I pray this simple little prayer over your precious life.
May you be a peace maker and help end the strife,
May the hand of God rest upon you,
May the blessings of God not be a few,
May the mercies of God be yours everyday,
May the miracles of God be your normal way,
May you know Jesus as a young, young girl,
May you live and walk in a Spirit-filled world,
May the anointing of God never, never cease,
As you constantly live in our Father's peace.

I love you,


  1. Thank you, Daddy/Papa!

  2. SO so special!!!!!! Pastor Gabe, you are a WONDERFUL Papa!

  3. How very special! We saw precious photos of baby Saraa at church yesterday! She's a cutie! We're so happy for you all. Please forward our love & congratulations to the Gombojav family.


  4. Oh she is precious! I imagine you are having so much fun.

    The iron board is now stored behind the double doors. :)

  5. Welcome to little Saraa! Blessings on everyone! What a beautiful poem, absolutely touching.

  6. What a beautiful poem Pastor Gabe and a beautiful granddaughter!!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS to you all!!!!
    You are truly blessed with a quiver full of beautiful grandchildren.

    In Jesus Name
    Be Blessed
    We love you all,
    Rev Dr Robin Roseberry
    Rev James Roseberry III
    and Aaron Clements

  7. That is one of the sweetest, most heart felt poems I've ever read. What a blessing to have this written for that sweet baby and to bless her with these words. I'm sure she will treasure them when she gets older and hold them dear for the rest of her life.



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