Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lucas turned 5!

Saraa's older brother, Lucas, turned 5 the day after she was born. It might not have been the big birthday event turning a whole *5* might warrant, but he asked for so little that he had a great birthday indeed.

His TiTi and Nana basically let him call the shots for most of the day's doings. Like getting to go to the grocery store with TiTi. You know, big things like that.

Since baking was not on anyone's tired agenda, he chose some brilliant blue cupcakes with Spiderman picks in them. (Isn't brilliant blue such an appetizing color?) He was quite pleased with his choice.

Having siblings AND a couple cousins there made a nice-sized little party.

He received a wallet for his birthday, which he is quite proud of. Along with some other great gifts, he also received three money gifts. With no clue that his "3 dollars" was really $45, he was still very excited!

He then got to go to the movies with Daddy and his siblings. The "cheap theatre", as they call it, was also having $1 hot dogs which proved a very good thing, as that is what he asked to have for his birthday dinner. All in all, he had a very good day.

But, Papa wasn't there. And Nana hadn't brought anything with her (so short-sighted of her!), so when Papa came down to see his new granddaughter, Papa and Nana took Luc to the store -- both to buy his birthday present and to let him spend a bit of his birthday cash. We walked up and down the Target aisles. Then we did it again. And then again. Basically, he scoped out the place first. Then he went back to take a second look at his favorite finds. Then he chose. (Anybody ever been shopping with his Daddy? Yeah, kind of like that.)

I'm not sure if you can see what he has in the bag. With a small portion of his money, he bought 20 dinosaurs in a canister. Papa and Nana bought him a SP.A.R.C. -- a Special Action Remote Controlled TARANTULA!! He looks pleased. As any newly-turned five year old boy would.

With a tip of Papa's hat, he says goodbye.


  1. titi*7:29 PM

    He's MINE!

  2. Happy birthday Luc! What a fun day!


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