Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shallah's Dedication

Shallah and bow!

My youngest grandchild, Shallah Rianne, was dedicated to the Lord by her parents on Valentine's Day with her Papa officiating. 

Nana loves her Shallah!

Grandpa, Grandma, Grammie, Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Shallah, Papa
Levi, Ezekiel, Abishai,Jael

Godparents, Dan and Erica Hall, were not able to make the trip from Colorado.

He is actually the sweetest little boy, but that look wouldn't let you know!

Josh has written a song for each of his children for their dedication.  Always wonderful, often prophetic.  This time, though, was a bit different.  Intense.  Not necessarily something my Nana's  heart would want to hear.  But, we were here to dedicate her to the Lord, not to ourselves.  She belongs to the Lord; she has only been lent to us to train up for His glory.  Here is her song.  Oh, and you need to know that Shallah Rianne means "River of Grace".

Grace to stand in the midst of the pain;
Grace to walk right through the rain;
Grace to give in spite of the hurt;
Grace to live beside the poor in the dirt.

Grace to hold those that no one will touch;
Grace to love even when it hurts too much;
Grace to stand to make right what is wrong;
Grace to go even though the journey is long.

Grace to count the cost everyday;
Grace to give your life away;
Grace to accept those that all would despise;
Grace to work to make it right in His eyes.

May His river of grace flow through you;
May your hands hold the broken;
May His river of grace flow through you;
May your life touch the nations.

May there be peace and joy through all of your life;
Despite the pain that comes and the tears you cry;
May your life be filled with the presence of God;
May His grace be what keeps you strong.

By Daddy

You can see it impacted Papa.

As is my tradition, I give a reception for each of my grandchildren on the day of their dedication.  We had a lovely lunch after the morning worship service to which the whole church was invited.  I served Italian Drip Beef, Asian Noodle Salad, Vanilla Almond Punch (my new favorite punch and the easiest ever!), and these lovely little desserts.  Unfortunately, those were the only things photographed during the whole reception.  Some of us were too busy to think of a camera.  Some of us were having too good a time, I guess, to remember to take pictures. 

Adapted from here where there are directions on how to make the candy cups and the little hearts.

Aren't they just so cute?
Yeah, but still not as cute as Shallah.

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