Monday, January 19, 2009

Pink Laundry

I'm home.
Spent all day putting away Christmas.
I usually put away all the decorations on January 7.
This year, in anticipation of a new baby,
I had cleared the house of all Christmas-y decor
except for the living room.
I figured we only needed one room to celebrate Epiphany.
But, since little Saraa decided to make her
princess entrance on that day,
the decor has stayed -- just waiting for me to come home.

Now after a good day's work,
I'm sitting here thinking about that precious little angel
(pictured here with both her Mommy and Nana
on her first day going to church)
and missing

cute little piles of pink laundry.


  1. Laundry has never made me smile so much as when it's mostly PINK!

  2. Yeah! So beautiful. Congratulations!

  3. what a cutie! i love the pix! i was wondering how stoked daja would be about getting gifts in pink bags...

  4. She looks like a doll! SO CUTE! I would love to do pink laundry one day:)


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