Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Cruise, Day Two

Click here for Family Cruise, Day One.

Day Two started with a Continental Breakfast in our room -- at least for me. Gabe loves a big ol' breakfast, so he would get up earlier than me and go to one of the restaurants and have breakfast and coffee. Me, I'd rather sip on orange juice and take bites of a bagel while I'm getting ready. I like to wake up slowly. And that includes my readiness for food. But, people don't bring me beautiful plates of fruit and smoked salmon at home. So, I thoroughly enjoyed room service!

Today's port of call was Catalina Island. The ship isn't allowed to come all the way in, so we had to take this little shuttle boat (it's called a tender) from the ship to the island. It was a little cold and a bit choppy, but the ride wasn't very long so we all managed.

Arriving on the island.

Gabe and Chick

Chick, Lynn, Gabe, and I took a tour of the city of Avalon and the interior of the island. We had a great guide who made the trip and the island quite fascinating.

Yep, there are buffalo on the island.

We went all the way to the top of the island where there is an airport! There is a drop off at the beginning and at the end of the runway. It is literally at the very top. It is called the "Airport in the Sky".

And yet, we saw a good sized plane take off from the airport. Gotta trust that pilot!

After our tour, we did a bit of shopping and then went back to the ship to get ready for elegant night! I just love dressing up!

Leaving the stateroom.

Here are some of us in all our finery. (As you can see, "formal" means many different things to my family!)

My sister, Janice.

My mother, Martha.

My Uncle Ernest, my mother's oldest brother.

Gabe, me, Lynn, Chick

My Aunt Geneva, my mother's youngest sister, and her granddaughter, Selina.

My Aunt Laura, my mother's oldest sister.

Aunt Laura's daughter, Lauri, and her husband, Gary.

My Uncle Glen and Aunt B, my mother's sister.

Miss Lillie and her friend, Aaron.

Duane and Gloria, my mother's cousins.

Gloria's sister, Jossie.

More cousins, Don and Phyllis Sandoval, and

Seckie and Norma.

After an amazing dinner, we went to a great production show, "Here's Hollywood", and then ended the evening with Karaoke and a great Asian oldies band called Music Boardwalk.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family Cruise, Day One

So, I really, really did not mean to take a blog vacation! Real life overtook me and I just couldn't fit blogging in -- not even just the journaling type I usually do. Which also meant I haven't stalked my usual blogland haunts, either! And I miss them! I miss you! I need to know what everyone is doing, creating, and thinking! I really do! You all inspire me!

Daja called me the other day and told me she was going to send the blog police, the blogice, if you will, to get me if I didn't post something. Then my husband told me that he was tired of checking in and only seeing Dave Ramsey! So, sorry, Dave, but you must move down the page!

Though I will catch up eventually, I guess, I won't be journaling in order. Mainly because I would just keep getting further behind! So, I will start out with the Sandoval Family and Friends Reunion Cruise! We had a blast! I'll be posting a bunch of pictures that probably won't mean much to most of you, but you are welcome to enjoy them, anyhow. :-) I know my family wants to see 'em. So, here's Day One:

This was my mother's first cruise. I was truly hoping she enjoyed herself. She must have, because the day after we got back, she said she wanted to go again.

Of course, the first thing most of us did when we got on the Carnival Paradise was to start our eating binge! Well, it was way after lunchtime and we were hungry!

My friend, Lynn, and I checking out our little ship maps trying to figure out where we were going! It took me a couple of days to be able to navigate around the ship without it!

I *heart* piano music, so I loved that there were several being played in various spots around the ship.

Our friends from Pennsylvania, Chick and Lynn Sickels, and us standing in front of the Long Beach cityscape as we left port.

Gabe and I were so thrilled to finally be leaving! We needed this vacation!

The Queen Mary is berthed right next to Carnival Cruises. Uncle Dan and Aunt Phyllis (shown below) spent the previous night there. Cool.

Gabe spent a lot of time time taking profile pictures of me. Here's to hoping that one of these shots will be a good one!

Our first evening's meal in the formal dining room. We took up three tables!

Gospel singing artist and family friend, Miss Lillie Knauls and me at dinner.

My eldest uncle, Uncle Ernest. Isn't he a cutie?

Gabe and I won trophies the first night playing a trivia game! We tied with two other people with a score of 17 out of 20. Not bad. And we each received the coveted 100% gold plastic ship on a stick! Woo Hoo!

We also went to see the comedian, Jerome. It was his "family" show. There was an R-rated one later on that night. We didn't go. I see nothing funny about vulgar language and crude humor. However, he was really funny.

We, of course, played all around the ship until late. Then, reluctantly ended Day One.

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