Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Marriage Protection Act, Part 1

This is a cause that is very dear to my heart. And I'll tell you why. I've got so many why's, it may take at least a few posts.

I believe that all beliefs must have a foundation. The foundation for my life and everything in it and about it is God and His Word. So, that's where I start with everything. I don't think that there is anything in this life that cannot be filtered through the Word of God. Only after that, can you know if something is right or wrong, good or bad, fit for you or not.

Marriage was instituted and ordained by God into every society and culture. It was not a thought brought to us by human government. Yes, in our culture and in our legalities, we usually obtain a marriage license. But, that is not where the authority comes from. There is no "reason" for marriage outside of God's plan. After God created man and woman, he put marriage into place.

Genesis 2:24 -- immediately after the creation of woman -- states, "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh."

When talking of marriage, the Apostle Paul compares the relationship between a man and wife with the love between Jesus and His followers. He quotes from Genesis 2 when he writes in his letter to the Ephesians (5:31-32), "The two will become one flesh. This is a profound mystery -- but I am talking about Christ and the Church."

In other words, it wasn't God who afterwards thought that it might be understandable to us if He used the example of marriage to explain Jesus' relationship with us. It was the other way around. He ordained marriage as a reflection upon Himself and His relationship with us.

When a couple marries, their act of consummation is a symbolic picture of the wedding of Christ and His followers. In a real sense, each time a couple enjoys the “marriage act”, it is a proclamation to Satan that God’s plan of love will win out over Satan’s attempt to dethrone the Lord in the Garden of Eden. Even though it seems incomprehensible when we say it, every time a married couple enjoys one another sexually, the gospel is proclaimed!

Is there any wonder that Satan wants to pervert it? (as he has done music, medicine and medical research, dance, and so many other things)

I sincerely HOPE that you in California have heard of Proposition 8 by now. It is the Marriage Protection Act. It originally stated that “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” That’s it. The same 14 words that were used when California voted on it before. (Unfortunately, our Attorney General got ahold of it and reworded it.) At that time of the first vote, 61% of the voters said yes. Four San Francisco-based judges have now said no. They decided against the will of the people. Proposition 8 will protect the people’s will and restores the definition of marriage -- the definition from the beginning of time.

Prop. 8 does not take away any rights or benefits from gay or lesbian domestic partners. Under California law, they “shall have the same rights, protections and benefits” as married spouses. (Family Code 297.5) Prop 8 will not change this. We are not trying to take anything away from domestic partners.

Many people ask why Proposition 8 is so important. If we have same-sex marriages, what difference will that make to me?

There are many differences it will make. Hopefully, I will address them in future posts. But, the spiritual foundation is this:

Anything but a monogamous heterosexual marriage is a direct affront to our salvation and to our relationship with Christ. Remember, Biblical marriage totally outdates governmental laws of marriage. We have to remember that it isn’t our laws that govern our marriage; it is God’s Word!

What can you do?

Of course, the main thing you can do is VOTE! If you are not yet registered to vote, do so immediately. The cut off date is October 20, so you have a few more days. Do it today!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my BATW yesterday!

  2. Just popped over to let you know that you won the custom card design!

    Fridays post will announce it--you can email/convo Keri if she doesn't contact you!


    PS, loved what you did with the suitcase!

  3. Anonymous10:38 AM

    you will not understand until you have a gay child or grandchild.
    utah county mom

  4. Dear Utah County Mom,

    You are assuming something you should not, as there is no basis for that assumption. Furthermore, my circumstances do not dictate my beliefs, nor my politics. My beliefs are convictions based on the Word of God; they are not just preferences.

    My stance on the Marriage Protection Act is NOT anti-gay! I hope to address this in a future post. Stay tuned!

  5. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I agree with you on this! I am actually posting up something now about how my beliefs and politics aren't dictated by circumstance, either, though we're talking two different topics here. ;)
    Is voting for Prop 8 just in California, or everywhere? When is the date to vote for it, if everywhere?

  6. Dear God's Dancing Child,

    Prop. 8 is only on the California ballot. However, similar measures are being voted on in Arizona and Florida.

    I just visited your blog. I agree with you. Teaching your child is a God-given right!

  7. You expressed this so wonderfully!!

  8. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Thanks for clearning that up, Dorothy!
    Also, I am glad you enjoyed that article with the letter. It's long though - I am not known for being brief. ;)


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