Monday, October 6, 2008

A Major Haul, Vintage Laundry Bags, and a New Friend!

This summer, we went to a two-family yard sale. They had some nice stuff. We bought a few pieces. One lady threw in some extras. Yes, on her own and just because. Turns out she was moving out of town and was down-sizing big time. She was tired of standing out in the heat and just wanted to be done for the day. Besides it wasn't even her house where she was selling this stuff.

We had purchased a good-sized chair, so we had to go get our son's truck to pick it up. When we got back, she mentioned that she had a bunch of stuff in her garage that was just odds and ends and wanted to know if we wanted it.

What do you think we said? Of course, we wanted it.

We took the truck and FILLED it. Her odds and ends ended up in my still-to-be-finished patio room. I've been VERY slowly going through it. So slowly, most of it is still there!

But, in my defense, it is hard to go through this stuff. Why? Because most of it I want to keep! Either it is perfect or I think, "I could probably use this for something."

I will probably be referencing this stash in the future, but I thought I would show you something delightful I came across while looking through a pile of linens. Isn't this the darlingest vintage laundry bag you've ever seen? Hand embroidered on soft muslin. My poor photos don't do it justice.

It is currently just hanging in my laundry room making me happy every time I see it.

Oh, but that's not the end of the story. And not the best part, either.

We really hit if off with this charming woman. She started sharing her life with us. We prayed together. She committed her life to Jesus. It was such a divine appointment. We had her over for dinner the next night, along with Sarah-Kate. After dinner, we three women sat in the living room talking late into the night. Even though she left early the next morning along with her moving trucks, it was wonderful sowing seeds into a brand-new friendship.


  1. lovely post.

    i really like that vintage laundry bag, so cute!

    thank you for visiting my blog via BATW.

  2. SO CUTE! You can give me that laundry bag for when I get my dream vintage-inspired kitchen.



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