Monday, April 7, 2008

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Yesterday, we celebrated (actual birthday was on Easter) Ihbeleg's FIRST birthday. The Correa family and Papa and I traveled down on Saturday night.
As you can see, most of Ihbeleg's friends are older than he is, but that didn't stop him from loving all the hoopla!
(Yes, face painting explains some of what you see.)
Daja divided the fare into "adult food" and "kid food". The adult food was scrumptious, but the kid food was FUN! Puppy Chow (a peanut butter and chocolate type of Chex Mix) was served in a doggie dish. Jello frogs were a hit. And cookies in the shape of snails were gobbled down.

Party favors were given away in doggy bags.

And Belgee was totally elated with his birthday cake!


  1. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Look at Diego lookin' right at the camera. LOL He was so funny!!!

    What AWESOME face painting!



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