Monday, March 31, 2008


I thought I would just finish off the month of March with a few cute pictures.

Donovan with his bunny booties.

Displaying their loot.

The best find of the day.

Daddy's boy...........

Easter was also Ihbeleg's first birthday. First birthdays are a big deal around here, so we will do the big celebration this coming Sunday. But, a little strawberry shortcake was in order for today.

His laugh just cracks me up! And he'll laugh (there's a smile in that face he's making it somewhere!) on cue for the camera!


  1. WOW he is one already!!! CRAZY how time just goes SO fast!
    AND even Donovan looks so BIG in the picture in the basket!
    All of them are just so cute!

  2. Super cute pictures! You guys crack me up!


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