Sunday, April 13, 2008

Papa's Park

As soon as we had grandchildren, Papa put in a playground. They have always loved it. This week, the older children reinvented it. Look at the mess! They rearranged the swings and made some sort of "dragon"! Every evening I told them they had to clean it all up and set it all up right. They did. However, the next morning, all went back to their "right".

On the very first halfway warm day, Papa started thinking of a Slip-n-Slide.

He bought one the next day -- a three-lane one! With the tarp underneath, a fourth lane showed up. It was Caesar's favorite.

Papa was helping Caesar with his shoes. Out of the blue, Caesar says, "My name is Captain. They call me Caesar." Of course, we kept asking him what his name was for the rest of the week. Too cute. Papa also taught him to salute and say, "Captain Caesar!"

(Point of reference: Israel called him Captain even before he was born. It caught on and stayed with him. Good thing he was a boy!)

Belgee found the Hummer. That baby is a climber!

Before we had cleared the children's table one day after lunch, we turned around and Belgee was sitting in the middle of the table taking sips from all the cups. Just making sure there was nothing left!

Fun day in Papa's park.


  1. Such fun! I'm glad my kids have such fun grandparents!

  2. i love these kids! hilarious! i like the pic of captain on the slip and slide...


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