Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sink Time

Can you believe that I actually remember taking a bath in the kitchen sink?

Belgee did not like the bathtub at all. So, it was always a quick wash and out. But the sink, he loved. I think the smaller dimensions were more easily dealt with.

Captain walked in, saw Belgee in the sink, and wanted in! I kept telling him he was too big, but he really wanted in! So, in he went. They had so much fun together. Good reason to have a double sink!

Luc walked in a few minutes later and thought it great fun and wanted in, too. No, I didn't give in to him!
Aren't they just too cute?!


  1. super cute!! i think Daja goes in the tub with Billy-Bob.

  2. Yes, he takes a bath with me. He doesn't like to bathe alone.

  3. Ahoy! Sink mateys! That is so cute. One of me favorite pictures is of my older sister and I in the sink...;o)

    Glad to know you,
    Miss Kelly


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