Sunday, February 1, 2009

Visible Love

With the day quickly approaching, I've been adding a bit of Valentine decor here and there whenever the inspiriation hits. With all the red and pink hearts everywhere, my thoughts have turned to love.

Love is not merely a feeling, it is an action. This past week, I read the phrase, “Work is love made visible.” It really struck a chord with me.

It truly does take love to make the work good. When work is done in love, whether the work is easy or hard, the love is made visible to those around us. Sometimes, it will be our love for God that will provoke us to work. Sometimes, it will be our love for the recipient themselves. But, the best work is that which is prompted by love.

When we work, if love flows out of us, it will show. Look around. Does your love show? Does your love of God show up in the care you give to His children and His house? Does your love of your family show in a tidy home, clean clothes, and nutritious meals? Does your love of your husband show in the graciousness with which you serve him?

If, when others look at your surroundings – whether at home, at your job, in your car, at church, or at play, they cannot see work, they will quite naturally assume there is no love.

Love without work is empty. Work without love is bitter. But, when love and work blend together, we will cultivate joy – both within ourselves and in our loved ones.

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  1. This perspective really opens up a whole new way of thinking. I LOVE it!


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