Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fun Dr. Suess Party!

Last Saturday, we celebrated Donovan's 1st birthday with a party at our house. (Yes, I know I'm very late in posting this!) It was loads of fun because Sarah-Kate did a fantastic party-planning job and was a fantastic hostess.

I've always said that Donovan reminded me of a Dr. Seuss character, so I thought the theme was great!

See what I mean?

Shirts say, "Thing 1" and "Thing 2".

Upon arriving, guests were given name tags.

Can you read this? It says, "Happy Birthday, Donovan!"
Well, of course, it does.

To decorate for the party,
I replaced a bunch of my "regular" pictures around the house
with pictures of the guest of honor.

Sarah-Kate gathered up every Dr. Seuss book she could find
and placed them about in appropriate places.
(Sources: children's book shelves, friends, Nana, and the library!)

She also hung Dr. Seuss decor all over the house.

Including my umbrella!

The food was delicious, fun, and pretty --
and most of all, every bit fit perfectly with the theme.

(Always remember that food makes for a great decorating medium!)

Colorful Goldfish served in a (clean, new) fishbowl.

Swedish fish.

Green eggs and ham -- of course!

I made the Cat in the Hat Jell-O.
The bottom four layers are in a trifle bowl.
That top layer of Jell-O is just sitting up there.
I even amazed myself!

(The white layer is a mixture of Dream Whip and
lemon gelatin made partially with pineapple juice.)

These "beach" cups are from Oriental Trading.
Aren't they perfect for this party?

After lunch (that included hot dogs and buns that don't seem to have shown up in any of the pictures),
colorful, cute-as-can-be cupcakes were served.

This was Donovan's first cake.
Or sugar.

Well, at least we think so.
Papa just smiles.

Horton Hears a Who! was playing silently on the television.
The musical score CD of the movie was playing in the background.

The Cat in the Hat even showed up!

What better "activity" than to read Horton Hears a Who! to everyone
AND give each one their own little clover with speck!

After Sarah-Kate read Oh, The Places You'll Go,
we each wrote on a piece of paper (with a background picture of the book)
where we thought Donovan would go,
what he would be, or what he would accomplish.
Whatever happens, he will be a wonderful and godly man!

A door prize of a "Donovan Calendar" (a sheet from Sears Portraits)
was drawn from those papers collected.

Of course, opening gifts was pretty fun, too!


  1. Love it, Love it!!!! Wish we could have been there, such a GREAT theme. AND such creativity!!! I should steal it for a party here sometime.........

  2. Oh now this party is fantastic Dorothy! You are so clever~!

  3. you guys are so good at this stuff!

  4. That was fantastic - what creativity and decorating! So much fun!


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