Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Trip to the Theatre

We started out REALLY early last Thursday. We were on our way to see "Annie" at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse. Yes, it is a very long way to go. But, "Annie" is Sarah-Kate's most favorite play of all time, I think. And we are known for picking up and traveling for lesser reasons!

But first, we had to stop and pick up some very important people.

Couldn't take any pictures of the play itself, of course. But, we took a host of pictures beforehand.

It is such a gorgeous theatre. Inside and out.

I gave my little camera to the kids to do their thing. They ALWAYS take the most interesting pictures!


  1. I'm so glad you all came down! I'm so glad that you are all so involved in my kids' lives! We are super blessed!!!

  2. Annie, eh?! No wonder she loves Jessica so much!

  3. Lovely pictures!!!Thanks for sharing them!


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