Friday, February 20, 2009


Jenny over at Allsorts posted a fun meme today.

Here's how to play. Just do a Google search of the phrase, "Unfortunately, ________ ", putting your first name in place of the blank. Be sure to enclose it all in quotation marks. The resulting phrases can be quite hilarious if, as Jenny says, you have a slightly twisted sense of humor and an appreciation for random absurdity.

Using "Dorothy" brought results like:

"Unfortunately Dorothy hasn't written very many novels, so I am left to reread the ones she has."

Not too funny. Some were even a little sad, like this one:

"Unfortunately, Dorothy’s early onset of Alzheimer’s disease took away the chance for her grandchildren to know what a special grandmother they had."

But, I did like the *one* result of "Lady Dorothy".

"Quite unfortunately Lady Dorothy was talking to the Blacksmith and overheard the whole conversation and sentenced them both to Table Clearing duty for three years."

Go ahead, try it! If you decide to play along, leave your favorite result in a comment and a link back to your blog, if you like.


  1. I have one about blacksmiths, too!

    "...unfortunately, Daja was fascinated with blacksmiths, yet thought she would never be able to get near one."

    Here's another other:

    "Unfortunately, Daja has been named outcast from her people and has been forbidden to speak with them. "

    Apparantly there is a book series called Circle of Magic and one of the books is called "Daja's Book." Both these quotes came from there.

  2. Sarah-Kate*8:03 PM

    "Unfortunately Sarah Kate lost her fight after six weeks."

    Actually, that is really sad. It was about an infant, the rest went on to say:
    "Anna gradually got stronger and stronger and after 6 months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at..."

    "unfortunately, sarah kate forces me to watch home and away and coronation street." (about TV)

  3. Unfortunately, Karin's still in her school uniform, which limits their options on where they can go.

    Unfortunately, Karin will no longer be doing alterations only but she does have her own designer collection and she also does general gown design.

    Unfortunately, Karin does not have this ability and usually relies on her little sister Anju to help out.

    Unfortunately, Karin got lost in the dining room.

    Unfortunately Karin continues to suffer from horribly nauseating headaches that is a result of her ability to sense the boy.

    Unfortunately, Karin can no longer hold it back and nosebleeds on the new girl.

    Unfortunately, Karin, Louie & Bart's luggage did not make it to Poland.

    Unfortunately , Karin needs to go this week, and has decided we should make a decision, which ruled in favor of leaving Buck, sad as it is.

    Unfortunately, Karin cannot take responsibility for any items that go missing in the post..

    Unfortunately, Karin is right, it looks really nice and upscale in there, but smells like they either need to get their cleaning guy to make sure he changes ...
    Some of these were so funny and others a little sick. Apparently there are some vampire comics about a KARIN. Here are some of my searches. I really think it's funny that the luggage didn't make it to Poland!

    Unfortunately Karin Dor isn't on the air any time soon. ...

    Unfortunately for Karin, what should have been a fairy tale turned into a nightmare

    Unfortunately, Karin didn’t find anything.

  4. I always think I should do this, but never have enough time. :)
    I enjoy reading such hilarity.


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