Monday, March 10, 2008

Ladies Conference, Day 2

This was my 12th year attending this conference. I missed my mother being there -- she can't leave my father for that long anymore. And I very much missed Serena being there. We've been going together for most of those years. (Yes, I missed you, too, Daja!)

Our table as we arrived.

Here we all are!

The conference is held at the Lake Pavilion. A beautiful setting. You can see the lake from anywhere you sit in the conference room during the speaking sessions.

As it is all ladies in attendance -- and about 300 in number -- we take over the men's restroom. The lines are long at both! But, seeing as we don't need these, they decorate them!

No words needed.

I promised Daja a picture of the dessert. Chocolate and coconut base with cheesecake on top.

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