Thursday, March 27, 2008

Baby Shower!

Last Monday night, hosted by Daja and me, friends and family of Sarah-Kate's met together to celebrate the birth of Donovan Raul! Sadly, I don't have a picture of the very cute invitation -- Donovan peeking out of a cupcake. Inside it said, "Cute as a Cupcake!"

So, of course we had cupcakes -- white cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting. All were filled with a chocolate pastry filling. Delicious and very pretty. We also added a cupcake charm to one special cupcake. Who ever picked that cupcake was to be the winner of the doorprize. (That was a interesting part of the evening. I think I'll blog about that separately! Stay tuned.)

Tea lights abounded everywhere -- placed in blue and green silicone cupcake forms.

The blue and green color decor was carried though to our activity and favors. Instead of the usual shower games, we decorated tote bags for Sarah. Sarah is very "green" in her use of reusable tote bags instead of plastic bags, so it seemed appropriate. Fabric pens, green and blue buttons, and cupcake iron-on's were provided. I tell you, those ladies (and girls!) came up with some beautiful artwork!

A slide show of Donovan's 10-day-old portraits was shown up on the wall throughout the party. Soft jazz was playing in the background. And what better way to finish off the evening than with white chocolate candies!

Of course, I HAVE to give credit where credit is due! Daja, not me, was the creative genius behind most of the great ideas that made up this party!

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  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    The shower was absolutely FABULOUS!!!!! -- Donovan's Mama*


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