Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Touch of Spring

It's late and it will be even later when I set my clocks ahead an hour. I've had a very long day. Very good day. But long.

I have several things I want to blog about tonight. I want to tell you all about the Ladies Conference, Day 2. I want to tell you about an absolutely wonderful thing that God orchestrated today. And, yet, it is late. And it will be even later when I set my clocks ahead an hour. Which I need to go do and get to bed.

So, I will just leave you with this bit of Spring that I brought indoors today. I apologize for the poor lighting. As you can tell, it is dark outside and the flash is making the bright white tile of my bathroom look pinkish. But Spring is happening all around. I can't wait to wake up all bleary-eyed, walk into the bathroom, and see Spring telling me to have a cheerful Sunday morning! I hope you all do, too! Oh, and I will tell you all about the wonderful thing that God did tomorrow.

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  1. You should have called me! What wonderful thing did God do for you today?! Can't wait to hear it!


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