Friday, July 13, 2007

Tableau, Arrangement, Display, Vignette

Whatever you want to call it, I made one in a corner of my bathroom. I should have taken a "before picture". This little brown cupboard, which holds various bathroom supplies, was home to a stack of magazines, a basket with an extra roll of toilet paper, and a large milk glass banana bowl filled with white towels. Not really ugly, but not aesthetically pleasing, either.

I covered it with a fine, very soft (read: old) linen tablecloth. Gabe gave me the bowl and pitcher for Mother's Day. I thought it was very pretty, but I thought, "Oh, I don't have anything of that color. Where am I going to put it?" Since then, it has been sitting on my bathroom counter between the sinks and below the window. It looked fine there. I bought the bottle inscripted with "Dr. Miles Medical Co." in an antiques store in Wisconsin while visiting Jenee. I thought it would match the new green of my kitchen. It didn't. I think the little dish was given to me with a candle. The large shells came from Mexico. Gabe brought them home from one of his speaking trips. They were given to him by a man who sells them for a living, I think. They were all sandy and the insides a little yucky still. I washed them in the dishwasher! Isn't that a pretty pink? I think some of the small shells came from Israel (the country, not the grandson). And the towel was a lone towel of that color in the back of my towel cupboard. It all coordinates very well with the colors I already have in there, though I am due for a complete bathroom re-do!

Funny how wrong I was. I have a *bunch* of stuff in that color! At least enough to make a pretty tableau!

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