Sunday, July 29, 2007

Links #2

The power of a mother and the amazing influence we have shows in this true story, now one of my favorites: Pancakes

Loving your children: The most meaningful matter of motherhood

You may feel lied to after reading these amazing statistics: Get the Government Out of Sex Ed

Great story of "unplanned adoption": Life is Better Than We Planned

Destroying a Lineage: Choose Life


  1. I haven't read all your links yet. But, I read "Pancakes" and have been crying my eyes out. WOW!

  2. The article on sex ed is quite disturbing...not that the whole idea isn't disturbing to begin with! "This will help prevent pregnancy and if it doesn't, we'll help kill your baby for you." What a terrible education! Not to mention the side-effects of the pill and how it works as an abortifacient! Arg!

    In high school I was part of a group called FREE teens who went around doing skits and testimonies on abstinence. The leader of our group had a kid in high school and was living proof that it takes ONE time to change your life forever. Yikes!


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