Thursday, July 12, 2007

Images From My Birthday

I really love sunflowers. Not to decorate with, but the real thing. Joel and Sarah-Kate brought me some as a treat the night before to "start off" my birthday.

I received such thoughtful gifts from family -- both home and church. Thank you, everyone!

Gabe took me to a new restaurant, "The Artisan" that evening. Look at us all "matchy"! (And don't look at all those crooked pictures! I've got to fix that!)

After dinner, the family came over for presents and cake. How about this for a birthday dessert? It is basically a trifle made with chocolate cake, whipped topping, chocolate mousse, and toffee bits. Yummy! Thank you, Sarah!


  1. Looks very nice!

    Did you get my present yet?

  2. Yes, it came on Friday.

    Ooooo! Chocolate! Give a thank-you kiss to everyone!


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