Monday, July 23, 2007

Clothed in Purple

Yesterday, while traveling in the car, I embroidered this handkerchief my mother made this week. Isn't it adorable? "Grandma", as she's called by everyone around (I'm "Nana"), asked me to add something purple to the delicate little hankie in order for it to go with this:

Isn't this just too charming?! A dress, purse, and hankie -- all matching sweetness to match the young lady who will be the receipient of this love gift.

And Grandma went shopping today looking for fabric for her other great-granddaughter! Didn't find anything today (our town has very limited options), but she's on the look-out! As one who has been on the receiving end of many of her creations, I can't wait to see the next one!


  1. What a sweet little set! ADORABLE!!!

    Who gets that?!

  2. That's fun that Grandma is asking you to help her, at least I think so! :-) Cute!!


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