Friday, June 1, 2007

A New Addition

Two days ago, my husband called home. He wanted to know if I wanted him to bring home a kitten. One of his clients had gotten a kitten the day before, but their first cat didn’t like him. Gabe knew I’ve been wanting more OUTSIDE cats. We only have one full-time cat and one part-time cat. The full-time cat is named Lindsey and lives on our patio. She is a real sweetheart, but has never lived in the house. Bonnie is our part-time cat. She lived in the house for almost a year, but now she only comes close when she wants to. She was in the driveway this morning. I saw her on the farthest corner of our property the other day. We live in the country. I want cats OUTSIDE protecting us from all the mice, lizards, and SNAKES. At least they are supposed to. We found a young rattlesnake on our patio a couple of weeks ago! Thus, why I want more cats.

So, his conversation with me on the phone was me asking questions about the cat needing a new home (how old is he, is he neutered, what color is he) and Gabe repeatedly emphasizing that it HAD to be an OUTSIDE cat. He was emphatiac that he doesn’t want any cats in the house anymore. (It’s been years.) I agreed, of course. The cat would live OUTSIDE as soon as he was used to our house and was old enough. OUTSIDE -- that’s where the mice, lizards, and snakes are.

So, he brought Cooper home. He was Tigger when he came, but Sarah-Kate has renamed him. Since I can’t think of a reason not to call him Cooper, Cooper he will be. The kids love him! He is great with them, too. In fact, he is adorable.

As Gabe was cutting his nails this morning (Cooper has those sharp baby nails.), he informs me that if we do end up keeping the cat IN THE HOUSE, we will have him declawed.


  1. The cutest boy with the cutest kitten! Great picture!

  2. Anonymous9:36 PM

    JUST in case he DOES stay in the house...?? ;-) Cooper's a cutie! --sk*

  3. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Im SOOO glad I came to read your blog tonight; I LOVE kittens!! I think he IS SO CUTE!! Im so happy for you! I would love another kitty cat! AHHHHHH TO CUTE!

  4. At least he was the weak link in letting the cat in!


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