Saturday, June 23, 2007

Game Show Finale

So, last night were the finals of "The Smartest Guy in Town". Turns out the smartest guy in town was the English teacher that beat Sarah the other day. Going up against him was Kathy, "a mom", and Bethany, a former homeschooler. Both also did well.

Cleaning off the stage before taping begins......

And the taping begins.....
During his monolgue at the beginning of the show, Brad Sherwood said, "Oh, I see Sarah-Kate's here tonight!"


  1. Yea for Bethany! That's pretty impressive!

    Did the camera go to Sarah when Brad said that?

  2. I wasn't watching and so didn't see one do that; however, I know we are in a lot of shots and since the producers all know her, maybe they'll edit her in.


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