Thursday, June 14, 2007

Grandchildren, Day Six

Tuesday afternoon we received a surprise! Serena came home a day early! How exciting! But that meant rushing around and doing some rearranging of schedules and getting down to the airport to pick her up. Josh was busy that evening teaching at our School of Ministry, so we made it a surprise for him! We brought her home, she got to take a shower after 32 hours of traveling, and was waiting for him when he got home! How fun! Oh, and the children were very excited about Mommy being home, too! Though a little put off by the sudden change in plans, Jael explained it this way: "Well, it wasn't how I had it planned (she planned to spend the night with Meg), and it wasn't how Mommy had it planned (Mommy had left another day's treat bag), but God knew that I missed my mommy so He planned it that way."

After picking Serena up, we had a picnic, came home and went swimming, and got ready for bed. By that time, I totally "spaced" on blogging! Sorry this post is two days late!

Here's a few pictures from the kids' last day together for awhile.

Won't someone push me, please?

We love Papa's playground!

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