Thursday, June 7, 2007

Grandchildren, Day One

Serena’s been out of the country. She left last Thursday and will be home next Wednesday. I’ve been taking care of her three children while Josh works. Yesterday, I met Daja in Bakersfield (half way between) to pick up her four oldest children for a week. (She’s going to a wedding in Washington.)

So, that means we have EIGHT CHILDREN who are 5 years old and younger in the house until next Wednesday! Three one-year-olds, two three-year-olds, one four-year-old, and two five-year-olds. Whew!

Today was the first full day with all eight. In fact, all of them spent the night last night. I’m not sure how long it took to bathe all of them this morning!

It was a very busy day. I’m exhausted and my feet hurt. But, you know what? I am so blessed and quite peaceful. “This tired” is a good tired. Today wasn’t filled with the same type of stress as some of my days. I truly enjoy the role of “Nana”.

Last Christmas, my husband gave me the cutest gift. In a darling little suitcase, were a cute “diner uniform-looking" pajama set, a tiara, and maribou mules. Fit for a bombshell! LOL Today the girls asked me if they could “see” them. Using these props, a reporter is interviewing a princess. They took turns. What exactly is their body language saying?! :-)

Jael, age 5, set the kids’ table for dinner tonight, even though she wasn’t having dinner here. On her own, she made place cards for Meg, Israel, and Luc. Pretty creative, isn’t she?


  1. Anonymous9:53 PM

    I was around for all this craziness, and it still makes me laugh!!!! -- Titi*

  2. What a Joy our granchildren are!!! I love it when all 5 of my grans are at my house at the same time. Aaron is now 10 yrs old (I remember when he was only 10 mos old and came to live with us), Princess Nichole is 5 (and the only girl!!!), Terrance is 3, Thomas, 2 and Harpinder, 1 (the 3 youngest boys are Rabecca's, Nichole is Elisabeth's, and Aaron is Tym's).
    I had them all for a week right before Christmas. They decorated and baked their own ceramic ornaments (with Grama's help of course). They love to play "school". I have an old children's school desk stocked with art supplies and of course everything goes up on my "Grans wall". Even baby Harpinder get's into the act playing with the magnetic alphabet letters and numbers on the fridge. I'm sure #6 (due in August) will join in the fun as soon as she starts to crawl.

    I remember Pastor Gabe saying one time, that our grandchildren are our gift from God, for NOT killing our children when they were young! How right he was!!!!! LOL

    Can't wait to read about your days 2-8 with your grandchildren!

    R. Roseberry

  3. BIG KISS FOR JAEL! What a little grown up!


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