Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giving Thanks, Day Twenty-Three

My dishwasher!

 Though this isn't my kitchen, my dishwasher looks just like this one. 

I know that there are those who just love washing dishes by hand.  I know that there are those who don't believe that dishwashers are good for the environment because of their water usage (depends on how you hand wash, of course) and the detergent used.  However, I feel that having a dishwasher is one of my most bountiful blessings!

I do not like dishes sitting in the sink.  With a dishwasher, they can hide until time to be washed. 

I like knowing when I'm cooking that it is okay if I use an extra utensil or bowl because it isn't making "extra" work. 

I really dislike paper plates even for larger parties, so I am so glad I don't have to wash ALL those dishes. 

I like the idea of my dishes being sanitized.

I love the sparkle of cut glass and crystal straight from the dishwasher.

One last reason.  Because as much as my husband loves me and is such a fantastic man and does so many things for me, this has never happened:

Edited to add:  He most definitely has helped with the dishes.  I just cannot imagine the above scenario!



  1. I'm sure with you on all the wonderful things for which you are thankful! My hubby loads the dishwasher - somehow we never get the loading done quite to his satisfaction, lol!

  2. No dishwasher and that scene has definitely not ever happened at my house, either!

  3. *LOL* I know a lot of people who love their dishwashers and, as the wife of a Whirlpool employee, I am grateful for that. :-) Long may your dishwasher banner wave, my dear. *ha-ha*

    Love~ Andrea


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