Friday, November 19, 2010

Giving Thanks, Day Nineteen


What would I do without you?  You, my friends, my family, my inspiration, my motivation, my buddies!

I wish I could invite you all over for a big ol' piece of gingerbread cake that just came out of the oven.  We could laugh and talk and just get to know each other a bit more than we might already.  If you live far away, I wish you didn't.  If I've never met you, I wish we would.  If you live close, let's find a way to get together.  If I know you well and we haven't seen each other in awhile, then I expect we'd better see each other soon! 

Whoever you are, thank you for coming by and reading.  You bless me.


  1. Sounds delish with a nice hot cup of coffee! Thanks so much! Have a wonderful week-end!

  2. Well, we are a pretty awesome bunch.

  3. Anonymous7:34 PM

    And I feel the same about you, Dorothy!! xoxoxoxo

    P.S.~ That cake looks totally & awesomely delicious!! I'm glad I'm your friend... maybe one day we'll get to share a cake like that at your house. <3


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