Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nutcracker and Tea, Take Three

Three years in a row makes a solid tradition.  Years One and Two are here.  Wow, the girls have grown!

Meg and Jael, my two oldest grandchildren, waiting for the doors to open.

Our youngest newcomer, Shallah, with mom, Serena.

Daja, with her youngest daughter, Saraa.

Pink gloves with malibu cuffs, gifts from Nana that morning.

Photographer:  Jael

Photographer:  Meg

Posing in front of the Four Seasons Tea Room in Sierra Madre.

Can't go to a tea room without taking a picture of some of the delicacies!

And some of the best scones we've ever had!

Shallah's first bite of food. 
I'm sure she's glad it was one of those scones!


  1. SO SO CUTE! I love the gloves and those glasses are SO cute!
    Glad you ALL had a wonderful time..

  2. Still dreaming of those scones! Seriously the best scones I've ever had! I think I'll go back there just for the scones!

    Thanks for coming, Nana, Serena,Jael and Shallah! It was a tea-lightful time!

  3. so fun! love traditions!

  4. Awwww.... such wonderfully traditional & happy times!! May the traditions continue forever. xoxoxox

    Love you, Lady Dorothy~ Andrea


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