Friday, December 14, 2007

The Ballet and Tea

Two days ago, I was privileged to accompany my two granddaughters and their mothers to the ballet in San Gabriel. Being the Christmas season, of course it was The Nutcracker. Afterwards, we had tea at the Rose Tea Room in Old Pasadena (certainly a place to return to). The entire day will unquestionably be kept in the "Best of Memories" file.

Holding hands as always.

Beautiful girls.....

Their beautiful mothers...

All so very delicious...

These next two pictures were taken by Miss Jael:

Jael's cup

Meg's cup
(They are different...)


  1. Anonymous10:26 PM


  2. Nana, The Snow Queen was beautiful! When the rat in the Nutcracker was fighting, I was scared. The rat got killed. The Nutcracker was good. The mouse was bad. Everything got big when she was sleeping and there were mouses all around her. After they kissed the girl goodnight, she started dancing with the Nutcracker, until her parents said "No." She got a present, but the two boys were fighting over it and broke its head. She was crying until the magician that made toys fixed it. When they were in the sugar kingdom there were dancers all around them. Then the funny part was when the guy without a shirt and the other girls had the fans and the girl came out! Then she was gone. At the end, every actor danced together and bowing. There was a big girl with a big dress with children under it.

    The best part was the Snow Queen.

    Thank you for coming, Nana. Did you have a nice time with me?

  3. Dear Meggy,

    I had a WONDERFUL time with you. I miss you when I'm not with you and I LOVE doing "girly" things with you and Jael.

    I don't really like the part of The Nutcracker with the mice, either. I liked the Russian dancers. Do you remember them?

    I hope we can go to many more ballets together.



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