Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jael's First Ballet Recital

So....Jael has taken ballet classes before.
A couple different times,
but it has never worked out for her to be in a recital. 
Other things happened.  You know, like her parents moved her out of state -- those kinds of things.

Sarah-Kate has been teaching ballet to little girls
 for a couple of years now. 
Jael was in her class a couple of years ago. 
But, then that moving thing happened.  But, they're back!
And Jael and Sarah-Kate are glad
 they are together again in dance. 

Yes, there were only four little girls in the recital. 
But, those four little girls attracted a houseful of guests
anxious to watch their performance!
And, yes, everyone's hands and feet are supposed
to be going the same way.

Daddy presenting her third bouquet of flowers. 
I'm sure they were her favorites!

Everyone wanted a turn taking their picture with the ballerina.


How about four generations?

~ * ~

So, what does a little brother do at a dance recital?

Uh, make paper airplanes out of the program?


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Special memories!

  2. Oh my gracious♥ she is adorable. And as for the hands-going-the-same-way-thang... well, Jael had that gorgeous bouquet of flowers to contend with. Of course she was a little distracted;)

    We have our own resident ballerina as well: my 16yo daughter (who has Down syndrome.) She has only just been taking lessons for about a year, but I have to say that her first recital was truly a lifelong dream come true for her. The lessons have been amazing for her... I'd say they have done more for her coordination and strength than years of physical therapy. Nothing like a pretty pink leotard and a flooofy tutu to get one motivated dontachknow;)

    Blessings to you and yours☺

  3. Thank you, Persuaded! Ballet did wonders for my oldest daughter, too. She was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of six and the doctor said she needed a brace and a strict regimen of exercise -- or ballet. We took the ballet route. She has wonderful posture -- all these years later!

  4. You are a graceful young lady, Jael! Congratulations on your first recital!

  5. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Beautiful & lovely Jael.... good job, honey!! It looks like you have many fans in your fan club already!! *lol* You may add me as well. xoxoxoxoxo


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