Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Special Dinner

Back in September, I reviewed the movie, Fireproof for you. If you recall, in the movie, Caleb is given a book by his father -- The Love Dare. That book has now become a #1 New York Times Bestseller! You can learn more about it by clicking on the title.

Well, my husband and a friend have challenged the men that they know* to go on The Love Dare journey with them for 40 days. Each day they read that day's challenge and do it!

*(It is also very special to my husband because three of those men are his sons. Talk about the best father/son trip you can take together!)

The 40 days are almost up. And, yes, some days I can tell what the challenge was for the day. It still blesses me. But, some days are just between him and God -- and maybe his fellow travelers. But, those days bless me, too. Because I can see some big changes in our relating to one another. Oh, my marriage was wonderful before The Love Dare. But, it's amazing how much the little things can make your days just so much better.

A few weeks ago, the men made their wives dinner. I don't know why or what the "point" was. (I haven't read the book. On purpose. I didn't want to be "critiquing" him during his challenges. You know how we women can be.) But, the dinner he made was fantastic! He put so much thought into it, presented it so nicely, and took so much care with it. I was impressed. He served steak, baked potatoes, baked onions (fabulous recipe that he found himself!), marinated artichoke salad, and molten lava cakes for dessert!

I am so blessed to be married to this man! The whole Love Dare challenge was something he chose to do just because he loves me -- and because he's such a wonderful man! Thank you, Gabey!

Okay, just to be completely honest -- and to explain the spot on the tablecloth! -- we were done eating when we remembered that we should have taken a picture! So, he staged some "leftovers". Too cute!


  1. hahahaha! He staged some leftovers! He's so cute!!!!

  2. I did a similar thing for my husband from Revive Your Heart, it was 30 day challenge.

  3. How sweet of your husband to do this! What a blessing each of these 40 days must have been. :)

  4. What a blessing! Lovely dinner! So glad you enjoyed it and each other!


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