Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Day of Water

So, what are they looking at?

Even Grandpa joined in on the fun!

We had a great day at the beach. There weren't too many seals, but it was still interesting because the bulls are molting.

After seeing the seals, we went to the playground by the sea (no pictures), and then to play in the surf. No pictures of that, either, because I was too busy saying, "Come back! Don't go so far! Careful!" I finally gave up and said, "Let's go eat!"
Israel, especially, has no fear. He loved the ocean. Unfortunately, our shores are not swimmer-friendly.

When we got home, it was time for ice cream cones. Of course, they ate these outside! I saw how sticky their hands and faces were and how dirtly all those little feet were, so I brought out a bucket of water and a bunch of rags. I told them to wash their faces, their hands, and then their feet. They thought that was great fun. They then asked if they could wash something else. Sure, wash the playground tables and playhouse.

Wow! Did they ever go overboard! They washed every little (and big) thing in the playground. Then they asked for more water and went at it some more! By the time they came in -- way after dark -- that playground was probably spotless!!!

It was a fantastic day! Just ask Captain!

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  1. These kids did not get their passion for cleaning from their mother!


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