Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cattle Drive

Okay, Daja, I will get back to blogging!

I really didn't mean to be absent. It has just been one of those time periods when life gets in the way of blogging about life. I will be playing catch-up for a bit.

So, I just love living in our town. Not too little, not too big. One of the highlights of our year is the Mid-State Fair. It is quite the doing around here. Twelve days long. Lots of big-name concerts. Honestly, people come from all around just to go to our fair!

So, on the first day, they drive (some of) the cattle used in the rodeo to the fairgrounds. So, of course, we make it a small parade!

All set up to wait.........
Do we see them?

I think we do.........

The Fair Queen and her court

There were so many horses, it was hard to see the cattle!

Yes, there they are!

And there they go.
So, we waited about forty-five minutes for an event that lasted about two minutes.
And we'll probably do it again next year!

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