Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Water!

I think this is my last post on the Gombojav children's visit. Oh, there will definitely be more pictures of them since they are here this week. But, this week they are here with their mother. Two weeks ago, they got to visit by themselves!

You know, I want to make this blog more than a picture album of my grandchildren. Really, I do. And every once in awhile, I do post something else, but I am such a Nana at heart, I just can't help myself! It is a journal of my life, you know!

So once summer is over, I will probably post something that will interest someone other than Papa and me, but for now, here's one more post.....I know he will enjoy it!

Waiting patiently with swim diaper on!

Just chillin'.

Papa and Co.


  1. That first picture is my favorite!

  2. CUTE,CUTE grandbabies!

  3. Im glad I came on "here" tonight, you have been BUSY!! I enjoy the pictures the MOST:) I like reading about your days with them, and seeing it too!

  4. Oh keep the pictures coming...I just love seeing them! (Wish I saw all those little people more often in person :( Looks like they have had lots of fun with nana and papa!


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