Thursday, December 30, 2010

We weren't supposed to be exchanging "real" gifts...

But, after all the presents in the stockings were opened on Christmas morning (there were 16 opened one at a time), I was handed a letter.  It was addressed, "To our dearest Mom, Mommy, Nana, our best friend."

I was in tears before I even read past that.  And I cried through the whole letter.  The kind of letter that I can't post because then I would seem really egotistical.  But, it went straight to my heart and will stay there forever.

When I finished reading, this beautiful antique chandelier was brought in.  I couldn't believe it!  I had admired it in a local shop, thought it would look wonderful in our entry, but knew I couldn't buy it, so didn't think about it anymore.  And here it is in its perfect chippy state sitting in my living room!

Of course, when the girls came over to hug me, I started the ugly cry.

Thank you, Daja, Sarah-Kate, and Serena!  You are the absolute best daughters! 
And BFF's!

(I miss you, Serena.)

Hopefully, it will be put up real soon.  (Now looking for a ceiling medallion.)  I'll post before and after photos.


  1. Oh, that just tugged at my heart strings! Don't you just love having amazing, grateful, thoughtful, loving children and grands!!! Glad you are so blessed! Wishing you many more adventures with your family and your Lord in the year ahead!

  2. Awww, you posted about this!!!

    We love you Mom and so glad we were able to surprise you!!!

  3. Anonymous12:09 AM

    How beautiful... and your cry does not look "ugly", Dorothy!! How can anything heart-felt ever be ugly. :-DD

    Look forward to the before & after pictures. Hurry, ok? :-P


  4. It's probably best I wasn't there....or I would have ruined it with "here!" LOL!!!!

    Glad you were surprised. Merry Christmas. I can't wait to see pictures.

  5. @Serena, LOL!!!!! You totally would say "here"! That's hilarious! But, of course it wouldn't have been ruined! You could have ugly cried right along with us! :-)

  6. Here I am working on your blog and became completely captivated by this posting, LOL! What a wonderful family you have, they obviously have a super fabulous Mom ~ you've all captured my heart!


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