Monday, June 1, 2009

Family Cruise, Day Three

Due to the Swine Flu scare, we were not allowed to get off the boat in Mexico, so we had an extra day at sea. Poor Cruise Director had to work fast to give us all more activities at the spur of the moment. Honestly, I don't think most people cared that we had to stay on the boat. Just gave us one more day to relax and play.

So, we spent more time on Wednesday doing more of this,

and this.

Dinner that night was fun. Our wait staff entertained us and our waitress even got Gabe to get up and dance!

After dinner, we laughed once more with Jerome. He was called on to do an extra show that night. From the ground floor, I spotted Mama and Janice up in the balcony. Look closely through the dark and you can see them.

After the big show, we made our way to a smaller (though still large) lounge for Karaoke once more. We had three in our party who just loved to sing!


Uncle Glen

and, of course, Miss Lillie.

Uncle Glen and Miss Lillie were chosen to sing in the Karaoke Talent Showcase that evening. I heard it was to be the top five, but there were just a few more.

Uncle Glen sang, "Green, Green, Grass of Home." He has a very good voice and I always enjoy hearing him sing.

Miss Lillie sang "Oh, Happy Day" of the Edwin Hawkins Singers fame -- of which she was a member. You know, that song was written in 1755, recorded by the Edwin Hawkins Singers in 1969, but still brought the house down that night. You could look around the room and know that everyone KNEW that it was the truth. She won, of course. And got her own 100% plastic gold ship on a stick trophy!

Well, by that time, it really should have been bedtime, but you can eat 24 hours a day on the ship, so we just had to go check out what was available. I mean, just to see. Weren't really hungry. But, look at these desserts! Sitting there looking so tempting at midnight! So, yes, we had a few bites.


  1. Fun!!

    But, I'm not sure it's considered Karaoke if you are singing a song to the track of the band that you belong to! That's just called performing--which Miss Lillie is really good at! :-)

  2. Yeah, Daja, I wondered about that, too! :-)


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