Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Family Cruise, Day Four

While on board, you are surrounded by beautiful artistry. Gabe asked for a scoop of ice cream. This is what they gave him.

Poolside ice sculpture demonstration:

On our last cruise, we got hooked on going to the art classes and auctions. The auction itself is fun, but the learning is, too. I like it so much, I'm now wanting to take an art appreciation class here at home. Who knows? Maybe some day we'll be "real" art collectors. And, yes, we did buy something to add to Gabe's boxing memorabilia! Norton, not Ali, this time around.

From Italy, Captain Vito Garuccio:

A sampling of the crew and, of course, our cruise director, Jeff Brrronson!

Eating and talking -- what we all did best:

We were given a free cocktail party that evening before dinner. Our family is such a party family. Ha! Only a few drink, so everyone was bored from the get-go. But all posed nicely for the camera.

So, after leaving the party in one big fell swoop, we wandered into a lobby.

I think we are all into taking pictures. What do you think?

All the paparazzi out to get their pictures of Mama and Uncle Ernest!

The Elias Sandoval siblings in attendance.

The Ofelio Sandoval siblings in attendance.

The Jones girls

Miss Lillie's 71st birthday!

With our waitstaff.

Our nightlight.
Good night.
We leave in the morning.

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  1. Y'all are like Japense tourists! Too many cameras! And pictures in every conceivable combination!


    Looks like it was SO MUCH fun!


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