Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Cruise, Day Two

Click here for Family Cruise, Day One.

Day Two started with a Continental Breakfast in our room -- at least for me. Gabe loves a big ol' breakfast, so he would get up earlier than me and go to one of the restaurants and have breakfast and coffee. Me, I'd rather sip on orange juice and take bites of a bagel while I'm getting ready. I like to wake up slowly. And that includes my readiness for food. But, people don't bring me beautiful plates of fruit and smoked salmon at home. So, I thoroughly enjoyed room service!

Today's port of call was Catalina Island. The ship isn't allowed to come all the way in, so we had to take this little shuttle boat (it's called a tender) from the ship to the island. It was a little cold and a bit choppy, but the ride wasn't very long so we all managed.

Arriving on the island.

Gabe and Chick

Chick, Lynn, Gabe, and I took a tour of the city of Avalon and the interior of the island. We had a great guide who made the trip and the island quite fascinating.

Yep, there are buffalo on the island.

We went all the way to the top of the island where there is an airport! There is a drop off at the beginning and at the end of the runway. It is literally at the very top. It is called the "Airport in the Sky".

And yet, we saw a good sized plane take off from the airport. Gotta trust that pilot!

After our tour, we did a bit of shopping and then went back to the ship to get ready for elegant night! I just love dressing up!

Leaving the stateroom.

Here are some of us in all our finery. (As you can see, "formal" means many different things to my family!)

My sister, Janice.

My mother, Martha.

My Uncle Ernest, my mother's oldest brother.

Gabe, me, Lynn, Chick

My Aunt Geneva, my mother's youngest sister, and her granddaughter, Selina.

My Aunt Laura, my mother's oldest sister.

Aunt Laura's daughter, Lauri, and her husband, Gary.

My Uncle Glen and Aunt B, my mother's sister.

Miss Lillie and her friend, Aaron.

Duane and Gloria, my mother's cousins.

Gloria's sister, Jossie.

More cousins, Don and Phyllis Sandoval, and

Seckie and Norma.

After an amazing dinner, we went to a great production show, "Here's Hollywood", and then ended the evening with Karaoke and a great Asian oldies band called Music Boardwalk.


  1. Uncle Ernest is too cute!

    Of course you look beautiful, mommy! You know that I think that though-- I have your cruise pictures up in my house before you do! :-)

  2. FUN!!! It all sounds like so much fun!
    I went to Catalina and hiked up to THAT Airport (I remember being SO scared when I heard about the Buffalo, and seeing that Airport was amzing), we also went to Avalon, which I thought was really cool. Your pictures brought back memories of that trip!
    Cant wait to "see" more of your fun trip!

  3. Thanks for letting us sneak a peak at your amazing family cruise! How ever did you get all those people to book at the same time? That would take quite a bit of planning! I would absolutely love this kind of vacation. No wonder you didn't have time to blog or read blogs! That's OK. With spring here and summer coming, we up north here where we have six months of winter, simply spend the spare hours doing fun things. Blogging will still be around when winter returns, right?!

    Wishing you all the best! The pics of you turned out very lovely. Your dress up gown looks stunning on you!

  4. An Asian oldies band....being that I like oldies and Asians, I wish I could have seen/heard them!



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