Monday, June 16, 2008


Last Saturday, I found (through my daughter) the best little parking lot sale I have ever been to! There was so many treasures priced so low (and with my husband's bargaining went even lower) that I filled up the car. If I would have had a truck, I would have come home with a great deal more! I'm serious. Here's what I did come home with:

Isn't this just a cute little rocker? The rocker rungs indicate that it may be from the late 1800's. The original price under the $15 sticker is $135! We bought it for $7!

This table with magazine holders on both sides will be just perfect painted (At this time, I'm picturing Shabby Chic white.) and in my new patio room! $2! I could have bought a bunch more furniture for even less (can you believe that?), but alas, I had no more room in the car!

From a FREE table!

This cute little creamer matches my kitchen exactly. I can see it sitting on the kitchen window sill full of little daisies.

What am I going to do with veiled pillbox hats? I don't know, but they are hanging on my coat rack at the moment. They look cute there, too.

Pink glass bowls and platter, very old books (some early 1800's), and little baggies full of adorable odds and ends. One of the books is Letters from a War Correspondent -- from the Civil War! 50 cents!

Old buckles and three university labels, and Irish linen napkins. $2 One of the university labels has "Study to show thyself approved" in the center.

Various jewelry pieces, including two lockets and a watch pendant. $2 I bought it for the pendant.

Crocheted baby booties, tatting shuttle, buttons, and sewing kit. Look at those adorable booties!! $5

Old rhinestone pin with no pieces missing! I'm sorry for the poor quality pictures. I think I'll have to upgrade my camera for blog work! :-) It really is a beautiful broach.

The peach crackle glass vase is the perfect color for my living room, dining room, or family room!

This has gold edging. Can't wait to serve little delicacies on it!

The pearl bracelet has already been stolen by Sarah-Kate.

This 1932 cookbook is fantastic! There are recipes in here for everything under the sun, I think! They are written with the assumption that you know how to cook and bake. Not a lot of explicit directions. Makes me want to try them all the more!

And then, the piece that I am MOST THRILLED about -- a gorgeous boudoir floor lamp! $15! I think I had a shopping high after buying this piece!

It definitely looks like it might have been a romantic bedroom lamp, but it is going in my living room for now!


  1. thats a prity lamp nana. this
    is a blest day i iove you nana.

  2. WOOHOO!! WHAT FUN!! Those little shoes are SO cute!
    Sitting here a little jealous:)

  3. What gorgeous treasures you found!! I'm jealous too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lamp the most!


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