Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cute Shoe Giveaway!

Cookie Sunshine over at The Cookie Sheet is having a giveaway! In celebration of 5,000 visitors to her blog, she is giving away a copy of this cute little print. But, that's not all! Little Red Shoes is part of a series of six Mary Jane prints, and each print is limited to an edition of six. She is going to give number 3/6 of each print to the winner! That's right, the complete series!
I can just imagine how cute six little prints of Mary Jane's could be!
Go to this post and follow the rules to be entered in the drawing.

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  1. Hi Lady Dorothy! Thank you very much for celebrating the month of June with us and showing off the red shoes. They look great with your green background. I appreciate that you are participating. I've added you to the list of bloggers who are showing off the red shoes and I'm about to add you to my list of blog sites that I visit often so that I'll be able to find you again soon. This is a fun place!
    Stay cool. It may be a hot one today.
    Thanks again.


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