Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Luc turns 4!

I have been at 7 of the 10 births of my grandchildren. It is an honor and I am very blessed. However, Luc is the only one where I had to travel to the other side of the world in order to be there. In December of 2003, Sarah-Kate, Serena, Jael (20 months old), and I flew to Mongolia for 5 1/2 weeks just to be at his birth. No other reason. (Well, except that I missed all of the Gombojavs so much.) He was born January 7, 2004.

Because we were all together the day before for Epiphany, the whole bunch of us got to celebrate his birthday. It was a short little party as everyone was on their way out -- Joel to work, the Gombojavs back home (Gana started back to school the next morning), Josh & Serena to Colorado to check out the area for their future move, and Papa to take them to the airport. But, everyone made the effort to either be there or stay for the celebration. Sarah-Kate, Luc's TiTi and godmother, made him a Spiderman cake and Mom (Daja) bought him his very own little Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

He was happy.

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