Saturday, January 26, 2008

Corral Those Cell Phones!

Do you find that you have a jillion cords plugged in your bedroom or home office now with all the rechargeable items in our lives?

The picture on the right was one person's solution. Nice. Here are some other's:

Too business like for my bedroom. Yikes!

So, the other day, I was passing through Ross and laid my eyes on a lovely box. I suppose it was for letters or some sort of paper management. But, it only took a few seconds for me to decide what I was going to do with it. Took it home, my husband drilled four holes in the back, I placed a piece of white felt on the bottom, and it became home to two cell phones with their matching Bluetooths.
Much nicer than having them hanging all around the bedroom. And such a simple project. And, if I must say so myself, much lovelier than the other options. Less expensive, too. Total cost to me: $9.99 plus tax.
My recharging station:

Isn't it lovely?


  1. I am so using that idea!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What an inspirational idea! I'm going to have to find me something like that. :)


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