Saturday, September 22, 2007

Just a Boy and His Cat!

Diego and Cooper have become true friends. They play in the playground together and follow each other around the backyard.

So, when Papa brought home a little house for the cats (Yes, Cooper did become an outside cat, much to his dismay.), Diego thought a new playhouse was just great! Of course, he had to go get the cat and push him in there, but he followed in right after.

I'll think I'll take a my new pad.

Okay, where did Cooper go?


  1. That's my little toe-bird.


  2. Thanks for dropping by the blog! Just wanted to remind you that you forgot to guess at the weight of our baby (that's how I'm determining the winner!) You can just leave another comment with your guess. I love Daja's blog and comments...she's a special girl!

  3. Cute! Taking care of God's creatures...

  4. You won a prize from us!
    Come claim your prize.


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