Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cruising, Part 2

In response to Daja's comment, here are a few more pictures. We took lots, but most aren't that interesting! LOL

In answer to Mary's comment, it was the Royal Carribean's Monarch of the Seas -- the same ship two other "parties" in my family have been on. Royal Carribean is having October (and January) specials. $189 for the Friday through Monday cruise! WooHoo! Let's all go again! :-)

Had to take a picture of my favorite towel animal:

Our last breakfast aboard ship. This couple was so interesting and fascinating. They have done, been, and experienced so much during their lives. They take their entire family (children and grandchildren) on a cruise every year. Their longest cruise for the two of them lasted 29 days. They have cruised the Amazon and another major river I can't remember the name of, and next year they are planning to "do" the Nile. They have ridden motorcycles, owned boats, and collected Corvairs and Jaguars. They were so affable and likeable. They are in their eighties and seem to have no intention of slowing down!


  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Looks like you had lots of fun!! I would one day love to go on a cruise!!
    I like the towel animal!

  2. I definitely intend on going on another cruise. They are SO relaxing. I would love to go on a family cruise.



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