Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Chandelier Is Up!

Honestly, the chandelier is so awesome I swoon when I look at it.  I remember the day I decided I *needed* one in the entry.  I was sitting on the rocking-reclining-and-so-very-comfortable loveseat and put my head back and there I saw this huge empty space.  Of course, a chandelier!  Why had I never thought of that?  Well, thanks to my very dear daughters (who listen when I swoon in antique stores), now I have one!

I promised some before and after pictures.  Here's the BEFORE.  There has been just a canned light there for over fourteen years. 

Of course, the actual light is already out in this picture.
This just shows a hole with wires sticking out of it.

And now here comes the AFTER!

Isn't that SO much better?

Our dear friend, Monte, from church came and hung it for me.  He's an electrician, so he did it up right, even putting in a brace-type thing that will support it's heaviness.  And it is really heavy!  Thank you, Monte!

See, I told you.

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  1. How lovely!!! And there shall be light! Enjoy!!

  2. It's beautiful Dorothy.

  3. Oh, that looks classy!!

  4. That's some oooooo, la, la light!

  5. Ooh, I like it! What a 'bright' idea you had!


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